Montessori Schools

The educational approach that is taken in Montessori schools is one that places an emphasis on independent learning, as well as creating a supportive community within the classroom. A different area of focus is put on learning at each stage of development for your child.

Paced Learning

Children are given the freedom to work on the activities that they choose with the materials that they choose, and can do so at their own pace. When the teacher feels that the student is ready to move on in the curriculum they will be guided to new activities and materials.

Peer Learning

Unlike some private schools, the classrooms of a Montessori school are kept relatively small, and children above the infant and toddler level may be placed in classes with students whose ages span 3 years. This allows younger children to learn from the older students.

Flexible Programs

Montessori schools most commonly offer their programs to children ranging from 16 months and 6 years of age, but there are some schools that are available to children up to 14 years age. Morning, half day, full day, extended day and even after school programs are available.

Contact Local School

To gather more information on the teachings of Fremont montessori schools or would like to enroll your child, contact your local campus. Most campuses will allow you to take a tour during normal school hours to allow you to see the way the learning takes place.